Why a Reading?

Have you noticed since the death of your loved one, it almost feels as if a presence, possibly their presence, seems to surround you?  Often times when you are thinking of them, do you feel a gentle touch, or even a coolness surrounding you?  When you are thinking about them, have you noticed that a bumper sticker or sign along the road seems to answer or validate your thoughts?  Or, perhaps when you have doubts, such signs at just the right moment will put your questions or concerns into proper perspective?  Have you ever noticed the familiar smells or aromas that surround you at the strangest times?  What about the book or picture that seems to fall without any rhyme or reason?  Or, have you noticed a bird, butterfly, or dragonfly appearing just as you are thinking of your loved one?  Could this all be some type of communication from your loved one to you?

Moreover, do you have unanswered questions or unsaid words?  Are you concerned about your deceased loved ones well-being?  Were you unable to share last words?

As a link between the living and the dead, my sincerest wish is that those questions, concerns, and words may at last be able to be shared in order to bring you a sense of peace.  I can only hope that after your reading you will become more aware of the inner connection with this life and the afterlife so you, too, can validate the signs sent from your loved ones.



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