Healing from the Sublime Dimension of Love

Debra’s healings are beyond what we can humanly understand. The healing energy comes from infinite love, from the infinite ONE.

We are all connected as ONE with the Universe.

Healer, Medium, Author

Debra Martin is a world-renowned healer, an International Research Lab certified medium, and an author of six books. She has had three near-death experiences and is a survivor of cancer.

Each healing is a miracle. I bring a piece of Heaven into each healing for you to have your own direct connection and conversation with God.

Debra Martin

Divinely Gifted Healer

As a healer, Debra opens herself up to be a divine instrument and vessel for private and group healing.

Medium Par Excellence

Debra’s mediumship abilities were vetted using peer-reviewed scientific methods by the Windbridge Research Center.

Author of Inspired Books

All of Debra’s books speak to the connection with the Divine.

Debra Martin

Debra offers her clients spiritual guidance, mentoring, and deep healing. She is also the creator of Army4Love gatherings. Her life purpose is to help heal people around the world.

I’d love to help you heal or connect with a loved one on the other side

Connecting with Source

Debra on Beyond Belief
Private Healing

In a Distant Private Healing Session, you will be in your sacred place relaxing and receiving as the healing is taking place. You will be touched on all levels in your healing session: physical, spiritual, and emotional. God will have words that are meant just for you.

Group Healing

A Global Distant Group Healing happens the same way as a Private Distant Healing Session, but the messages received are for the entire group and are not just for one specific person. However, each person will receive healing energy individually. Healing energy increases when two or more are gathered and connected. 

Healing Miracles

By Debra Martin

Proof of Miracles

Debra's Inspirational Life Story

In Proof of Miracles you will find profound true stories of hope and healing. These written accounts go beyond our dimension and understanding, showing us that our greatest challenges and apparent failures can lead to incredible accomplishments and triumphs. Debra takes people to places that most people think are unattainable. Her inspirational life story demonstrates how experiences such as suicide, the loss of loved ones, divorce, and near death experiences transformed her into the healer and medium she is today.

This wonderful compilation of true stories of healing will open you mind to the miracles that your heart already knows are possible. Debra is a gifted healer, as evidenced by these stunning personal accounts. Read them and experience the wonder and awe at how very loved we are by a very personal God-Source.

Suzanne Giesemann, Evidential Medium and author of “Messages of Hope’.


Words about Debra Martin from luminaries and thought leaders

Debra’s offerings are pure love. Whether you have a healing session or a mediumship reading, you can be assured they are offered from the depths of her heart and that’s what makes her already amazing gifts from the divine quite exceptional.

Suresh Ramaswamy

Author of Just Be: Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity

Debra is a role model for appreciating the adventure of the “never-ending pursuit of truth” and the joy of “embracing life after death”.

Gary E. Schwartz, PhD

Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neourology, Psychiatry, and Surgery, University of Arizona

You are performing a very loving, very important, very valuable, and much needed service to our world. Your work is so important and so needed as we move through this ascension process.

Robert Schwartz

Author of Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul's Gift

Debra, I can touch God with you. That’s how I feel. Of all the people that I have met in 77 years as a priest, I feel closer to you, a greater trust in finding God in you than anybody I have ever met.

Father William Treacy

Oldest Priest in United States (103 years old)