Healing through Love

My healings are beyond what we can humanly understand. The healing energy comes from infinite love, from the infinite ONE.

Healing Sessions

I offer 3 types of Healing Sessions;
  • Global Distant Group Healing Session
  • Private Distant Healing Session
  • Private Distant Healing + Reading Session

In my healings, I open myself up as God’s instrument and vessel, becoming your proxy for healing. I remove my humanness, allowing God to orchestrate the entire session. There is nothing too big or too small to heal.

All of my healings are done remotely, but not over the phone or via video call. It is important that I remain distraction-free to connect and perform the healing, and I have found that people receive better when they are in their sacred space. I audio-record the entire session and then email you the M4A recording after the session is complete. What’s so amazing about these distant healings is that while a person is in their sacred space receiving the healing, clients have said they have felt the same emotions and energy in their body that I was feeling and voicing during the healing session, even though they are thousands of miles away.

A sacred space can be anywhere you feel most comfortable with no interruptions, so you can relax and receive the healing energy and love from God. For some, that looks like sitting or lying down quietly in meditation. For others, it is being in nature, taking a walk, or going for a hike. It is personal for you and can be done in any manner you would like. Most importantly, you want to ensure you are relaxed and open to feel the healing energy, which carries a frequency and vibration traveling instantly to you. All healings typically last about one hour.

When I feel God come into the room, I have an overwhelming feeling of Love surround and go through me. It’s undeniable, and I usually start to cry when this happens. I will describe in detail what I am seeing, hearing, and feeling during the entire healing.

If a person needs a spiritual surgery, I will see spiritual surgeons enter the room, as God works through these surgeons as needed.

If God wants to take my clients on a spiritual journey, He will create a vision for them to imagine in their minds. Through this spiritual journey, many of my clients have had an out-of-body experience that led them to be in another dimension to hear words from God, reunite with a loved one in Spirit, or be shown the root cause of where their issues came from. When this happens, I also take this spiritual journey with them, guiding them each step of the way. You don’t need to have an out-of-body experience to receive this spiritual journey. Many clients will visualize what is being shown and say it in their minds and still get the same healing, loving experience.

Not one healing is ever the same as not one person is the same. I never know what will transpire in a healing, but I am always in awe of everything that does. At the end of each session, I sit in gratitude to God for using me as His instrument.

I choose to do only one healing session per day, as I feel it is important that the day be reserved entirely for my client. Additionally, I give 100% of my energy and body to each healing and need time to relax, rebalance, and restore after a session. I may have to endure some of my client’s pain during a healing, whether emotional, physical, or spiritual. Being able to feel this pain physically is a gift God gave me, so when I feel it, I won’t deny it. It allows me to know what is happening in the body or where spiritual surgeons are working and relay this information to my client. When the session is over, this pain is completely gone and is no longer a part of me. After the healing is complete, I keep my client’s picture in my healing room, and they get to remain in the powerful energy that surrounded them during their healing as they continue to heal throughout their day.

I do healings for people all over the world, and it is okay if you live in a different time zone where the healing session may occur while you are at work, during your sleeping hours, or while you are otherwise occupied. Regardless of your location, the healing energy and frequency will start coming to you when the session begins as energy travels. Then, when you can be in your sacred space to relax and receive, you can listen to the M4A of the session, and the words will carry the frequency and healing vibration.


As a Transpersonal Psychologist, I have dedicated most of my life to the pursuit of healing, transformation, and Truth. However, even after decades of personal transformation, I still found myself struggling and limited by health issues. The healing session I experienced with Debra was nothing short of miraculous! I directly felt profound and positive shifts through her work with me, and I am still observing this beautiful healing path unfold. I am so happy I decided to work with Debra, and I am in awe of this Divine experience. I am forever grateful for this incredible healing opportunity!

– Shae Ross, MS Transpersonal Psychologist


Global Distant Group Healing Session

The Group Healing Sessions are an impactful way for me to provide access to healing for more people. Again, this healing will be done remotely, but not over the phone or via video.

In a group healing, everyone in the group will be receiving healing energy at the exact same time the healing session is taking place in Arizona. A group healing session happens the same way as a Private Distant Healing Session, but the messages received are for the entire group and are not just for one specific person. However, each person will receive healing energy individually. When you listen to the M4A recording, you will hear the words as if they were all said for you. God forms all of my groups, so many of you may be dealing with the same issues. As a witness to God’s healing, I am constantly in awe of what transpires during the sessions. These sessions are powerful, as the healing energy increases when two or more are gathered and connected.


Thank you so much for the amazing gift of connection to God in our group healing. I felt this incredible weight of energy envelop my body, to the point I couldn’t move. As I was laying down, the light through the solar plexus was instantly apparent and the light started coming into my body.

But then something extraordinary happened. As my right palm was open and up, I felt someone take my hand and stroke my lower arm. I feel it was my father and immediately emotions came up and it still does every time I go back to that feeling.

At the end of the healing, I felt the need to circle my feet while I stretched my body. I laughed when I heard you say that you were circling your feet! Thank you for your wisdom and the stream of God’s love I feel from your sessions.

-Lee Crawford


Private Distant Healing Session

I use the same healing technique in both the Private and Group Healings, but in a Private Healing, you will receive individual messages.

You will be touched on all levels in your healing session: physical, spiritual, and emotional. A Private Healing is more detailed and will go to a much deeper level, discovering the root (cause) of the imbalances in your body. I will go to all areas of your body, and God will have words that are meant just for you. You will receive an M4A audio recording of your healing after the session is complete.

Optional Reading Add-On

An additional option available with a Private Healing is to include a Reading Session. With this add-on, I will connect to your loved one on the Other Side. I begin to connect first thing in the morning, receiving messages and signs before that I will relay to you during the session. Your loved one may have messages for you, or God may take you on a spiritual journey to see them. During this journey, a vision may be given. You allow yourself to go to this space, and at the same time as this is taking place, your body will continue to be worked on. When this has happened in a session, my clients have said they could feel their loved one’s embrace, smell them, or even sometimes see them. Often, this will happen when they relax and receive as the healing takes place or when listening to the M4A of their healing session.

Connecting with a loved one during a Healing Session allows my clients to be touched in the deepest corners of their grief. While every Healing Session is different, the healing potential is present for everyone. All I need is the relationship of who it is you want to connect with.


During the healing session, I could feel energy scanning my whole body from head to toe and back. I then sensed very strong energy in my heart area, like a big column of love pouring into my heart. I connected with my beloved Dad and created a triangle with you and God. I got very subtle shivers throughout my whole body several times during the healing. I also got the feeling that the Spiritual Surgeons were present, too.

After the healing session, when listening to the M4A recording, I could also feel my beloved Dad’s energy on both my right and left elbows. I could feel very subtle but tangible energy throughout my whole body and tears were flowing as I listened.

It was intense and the healing definitely took place. The energy was very strong and 100% not mine. I am so grateful ❤❤❤

I am also grateful that I could connect with my loved ones in my healing session. The connection felt more real than when they were on Earth. I will cherish this moment forever.