Debra’s Books

Proof of Miracles

Debra’s story demonstrates how experiences such as suicide, the loss of loved ones, divorce, and near death experiences transformed her into the healer and medium she is today.

Doctors, Faith and Courage

When Debra learned that she had cancer, she began a journey through one of the hardest challenges of her life.

Soul to Soul

Soul to Soul tells a story of how a murder victim provides her family with clues to catch her killer. A grieving brother is comforted by messages from his loved one.

Believe Beyond Seeing

Believe Beyond Seeing represents Debra Martins first-hand encounters with the afterlife as a medium.

Me and My Angels

Debra’s first children’s book is a treat for children of all ages, portrays how a child can always call upon her angels.

Direct Connect to God

Direct Connect to God introduces a profound healing technique created by Debra and Sheri with God’s guidance.

Inspiring Author

Debra Martin

Debra draws upon her personal experiences including her near-death experiences and healing from cancer to share about the healing journey and our connection with the Divine.

Her own experiences as well as the experiences of her clients are a huge inspiration and give us hope for our own healing and reconnection with the Divine.


I finished reading Proof of Miracles. I found a deep healing in it, mirrored myself in several cases.