After receiving my vaccination for Covid in March 2021, my right hand was numb. The numbness persisted for over two months. At our weekly Army4Love meeting Debra performed a mini healing for all present. During the healing, she mentioned a problem with a right hand. At that moment I felt a warmth flow down my right arm, suddenly the numbness subsided. I received an instant miracle. This numbness has never returned.
Gary Langley

Army4Love Gatherings

Army4Love Global Gathering (free) every first Tuesday @ 3:00 p.m. MST

Helping people heal is Debra’s passion and mission. Her Army4Love Gathering welcomes all with compassion and love and embraces everyone, particularly those who may be suffering from emotional, physical and other psychic pain. Debra enables all to safely share their experiences in her Sacred Space.

Debra will provide guidance and share her knowledge acquired during her own life’s profound journey, which has been filled with joy as well as extraordinary pain and trauma. In Debra’s darkest hours, when her faith was most tested and doubted, she continued to believe, trust and pray.

In every Army4Love Gathering Debra welcomes Spirit to speak through her to the group. Each gathering will focus on a relevant topic, and Debra will ask the group to virtually hold one another in the Spirit of hope, healing and love. Debra will also provide a mini-healing for the collective at the end of each gathering.

Debra’s intention is that Army4Love will help you have a greater perspective and understanding regarding your adversities while helping you release and alleviate pain. Debra invites all to attend and hopes everyone would find gratitude while enhancing and embracing their spiritual connection in a loving environment.

I wore my Army4Love shirt when my father-in-law was passing. It brought me much comfort.

I feel surrounded by Spirit when I wear Debra’s Army4Love t-shirt.

I wear my Army4Love shirt to every chemo and radiation treatment.

When I was going through cancer, Spirit sent me the message that I needed to build an army to surround myself with. This army was meant to be a gathering of my family, friends, and loved ones on the Other Side, along with Angels, Guides and the Highest Divine. Building my army of love was part of my healing process, and it gave me great peace and comfort to know I wasn’t going through my illness alone.

I created Army4Love apparel as a way to support and show love for anyone who is going through an illness or struggling emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually. Your army stands on all four sides; in front of you, guiding and paving the way, behind you, so you know they always have your back, and on both sides of you, so you can lean on them when you need to. When you wear your Army4Love apparel, feel the warmth that embraces you, the love that surrounds you, and know you are never alone.

I appreciate your support of my mission to help others feel safe, loved, and never alone. All proceeds will be donated to a charity I select each quarter to support all illnesses.

Have fun building your army and spreading the love!

Golden Miracles YouTube Channel

Debra details her work as a Healer and a Medium and shares these validations from her sessions on her YouTube channel. Her message to the world is to never lose Hope. Miracles are happening each and every day.

The YouTube channel also includes Debra’s interviews and healing testimonials.

Debra’s Facebook Page

Visit Debra’s Facebook page where she shares messages of hope, love, and inspiration.

Upcoming Events

February 2023

Group Healing with Debra

Distant healing session with Debra Martin.

11:00 am Arizona


January 2023

Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview


2 pm MST