Let’s Meditate


We are all connected as ONE with the Universe.

The Light and Love of Spirit is within each of us. This Light guides us, protects us, heals us and loves us. This Love and Light radiates through you and radiates out of you. 

Let’s take a moment to breathe in healing light and love and send out healing light and love to the World.

You can close your eyes or look at the revolving world. Take a deep breath in (hold for 5 seconds) and when you do feel the healing light, and love coming through the top of your head spiraling down and absorbing into every area your body.

Now as you exhale visualize energy coming out of your your breathe sending healing light and love outward to the world to receive. At this same time you may also want to hold your hands facing the world sending healing light and love through your hands.

When you are finished doing this three times place your palms together in prayer form giving gratitude to Source for what just transpired. When we give gratitude we are accepting and acknowledging that all was done. Thank you!

Shine bright and spread love.


This is a Spirit Adventure meditation. I travel to this site to do the meditation in the center of a labyrinth. Receive love for yourself, as a couple, for a relationship, send and receive love from those who have passed, but most importantly, fully loving yourself.

This meditation was recorded live.

Fill your Soul with Love, Peace, and Joy! Connect to your loved on the Other Side. Spirit guides us to a sacred space where we meet, embrace, and spend time with our loved one. This space will always be available so that you may connect with your loved one in Spirit anytime you wish. Which love one on the Other Side do you want to meet? Invite your loved one and let them know today is the day the two of you are going to connect. We could all use a huge hug during these challenging times. Come take the journey to receive your hug from your loved one and enjoy this sacred time together.

“Thank you for that lovely meditation, Debra. I could feel my former husband’s hand in mine. It brought me to tears. Thank you for offering this special experience.” —Karen

Come take in the breathtaking views and feel the vibrational energy flow directly from me to you. This is your opportunity to feel and receive the same energy activating through me from this miraculous place.

During this meditation Spirit guided us to let go of what no longer serves us, healed old thought patterns and opened us up to receiving all the abundance that is right here for us.

This meditation was recorded live.

Awaken to your Infinite Self with Debra Martin and Suresh Ramaswamy. Heal and transform at the deepest levels. Receive a Light Activation to awaken to your magnificent Infinite Self. Get an inner boost to lead an inspired and connected life.

“You and Suresh are a great team! I loved hearing your different perspectives with Light. So very different, yet leading to the same theme. We are the Light! And we all have access this way of being. Loved your questions back/forth and genuine sharing.” —Cindy


Debra’s guided meditations are heartfelt and healing. She holds such an expansive space of Love and Light with a softness and delicacy that melts away all resistance. I highly recommend her meditations to dive in to the Light that is within us all.

- cindy